Adam A. Sandman

Disability and Life Insurance Agent

Adam Sandman is a disability and life insurance agent. Prior to this role, Adam spent 20 years as a Chief Operating Officer (COO) for a national retail optical chain. Prior to that, he was a High School History and Economics teacher.

Adam joined Physician Financial Services in 2016 at the request of Lawrence Keller. As long time neighbors and friends, Larry felt that Adam’s skills and background as an educator, combined with his understanding of customer service, would bring tremendous value to his clients.

Mr. Keller also viewed the fact that Adam was new to the industry as a blessing. As a result, Larry could teach him his process of working with clients and the technical aspects associated with disability and life insurance products.

Mr. Sandman represents many well-respected companies in the financial services industry, which allows him the flexibility to provide unbiased advice and help recommend products that best suit each individual’s needs and concerns.

Financial Representative of Guardian. AR Insurance License #18129541, CA Insurance License #0L71010.

Phone (516) 677-6211